Black History is American History, the triumphant and unfiltered truth.

The Team


Attux was started in 2019 and named after the martyr Crispus Attucks. An African and Native American man who freed himself from slavery at the age of 27. He was a seaman and rope maker who rumor has it, participated in pugilism and street fights while off duty.  Attucks skills were only overshadowed by his stature of six feet, two inches. On March 5, 1770 Attucks was killed in a skirmish between Boston colonists and British Soldiers. The event was later named the Boston Massacre and the American Revolution began.

Attux is an alternative to "patriotic" brands that fail to acknowledge or recognize the contributions of Foundational Black American Soldiers that fought and died for their country. Many of them either drafted, volunteered, or grew up with limited economic choices and found opportunity in the military. Some of them rose to amazing accolades, rank and status, yet many of them face discrimination, racism and bigotry. Our premium, pro Second Amendment brand is Veteran owned and Operated. We value Honor, Integrity and Fearlessness through tradition and innovation. 

Anubis Heru Founder/Creator

Anubis is a certified firearms / self defense instructor and entrepreneur. A native of Denver Colorado who has studied different martial arts since he was a teenager. Anubis saw a rise in Black Americans exercising the 2nd Amendment in 2020, thus creating an opportunity to teach the fundamentals of firearms safety and creating a quality street/range wear brand.


Lamont P.  Brand Ambassador

Lamont is a very successful entrepreneur in the service industry. As Pro 2nd Amendment  advocate Lamont believes everyone has the right to defend themselves. In his spare time he collects and builds incredible custom AR-15 canines as well as handguns. As a child he was highly influenced by cult 80's action movies like Commando and Action Jackson. 


Lacy M.  Brand Ambassador

Lacy is a career Army Veteran and successful philanthropist. His non-profit organization encourages young students to focus on academics as well as being active in the nature. He teaches archery, survival, physical fitness and creativity; among other responsibilities Lacy makes time visit his students during the school day to make sure they are on the right track. He understand the power of positive role models in the community and he embodies that truth.

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